Recipe – Vanilla Pudding

This is a simple recipe to make “Vanilla Pudding” though by definition it isn’t. It’s simple and cheap to make at home and it’s absolutely delicious. I promise that everyone will enjoy this. In the past we served this at our restaurant and now I just make it completely randomly.


  • Get a fresh vanilla bean, we used Tahitian but by no means are they the best or what you should always use.
  • Quart of cream
  • Cup of sugar
  • Some bakers flour (all-purpose)
  • 9 eggs

1. So the process is pretty simple. Set up a double boiler. This is done most commonly by taking a medium size pot with high edges and filling it a third full of water, and putting a large metal salad bowl over the top so it rests on the sides of the pot and not in the water.

2. Put cream, sugar, and vanilla bean in there (cut the vanilla bean along it’s length in halve, then take each half and and scrape the beans out with the corner of your knife, it’ll make sense when you’re doing it).



3. Put the heat on the stove on medium low so that the bowl gradually warms up – you never want it to be at a roaring bowl, only ‘fish eyes’


4. Take a bowl and gather the egg yolks (only the egg yolks!)


5. Take another little bowl and put two tablespoons of flour and two table spoons of water in here and whip the shit out of until it looks like… the abominable snowman hawked a big fat loogey in the bowl.
6. Take the ‘flurry’ you just made and add it to the egg yolk bowl while whipping the crap out of it too.

7. When the cream seems like it’s warming up, a whisper of steam is rising off the top, and it’s too hot to put your finger in for more than a couple seconds – slowly add the egg yolk bowl while whisking constantly.
The whisking continues

and continues

don’t stop
keep whisking

8. Then finally when you can whisk it in a circle, pull out the whisk, and the momentum will carry the goo only a half turn on it’s own momentum. It’ll make sense when you get there, if it doesn’t get there after 15 minutes then make more flurry and add it slowly.



After this I like to put the cups in the fridge for at least 3 hours before I eat anything. Sometimes I’ll leave them in the fridge for a whole week. Enjoy!


Thank you for tuning in. To read more about food, restaurant management, wine, beer, etc… just click here.


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