Increasing Restaurant Revenue – Introduction

This is a topic that is always on the minds of restaurant owners and their management. It’s the entire reason you created the restaurant and, if you aren’t the owner, it’s the all encompassing way that you are judged by your superiors. My role as a consultant has led me to discover through trial and error many ways to increase restaurant revenue. Those of you who know me understand that I am a thorough list maker and a very goal oriented project manager. This is key to getting things done but without the list or the projects there isn’t anywhere to start. This is where I am thankful that you have found me and I look forward to charting out the paths of success one item at a time.

The order of this list will not be in order of importance or even in order of return on your investment – instead it will be in order of what I think you should get done right now. You will be able to take any of these items one by one and start on them without regard for the others.

Let me also take this time to let you know that one a personal level I am more than willing to help as well. This is what I do for a living and for a passion – feel free to email me.

You may be wondering how many episodes of increasing restaurant revenue there will be – the answer is simple, as many as it takes until you stop looking for them. The momentum I will cause your business toward increasing revenue will take care of itself in the long run but as it stands now I expect you to visit often and follow these tips. Also there are other subjects that I will discuss that aren’t just ‘Increasing Restaurant Revenue’ directly but instead extensions of one another. Consider each of these subjects introductions to the overall process and then I will publish more thorough details of that matter as we continue on this journey.

Here are some examples of the topics:

Cutting costs, driving toward the bottom line

Become unique

Increasing your SEO and overall internet presence

Improving your staff and their outlook

Customer base development

Menu design

You will be able to find all this information and more by visiting our website.


Beer Review – Trappistes Rochefort 10



Name: Rochefort 10

Brewery: Brasserie de Rochefort

Location: Belgium

Style: Quadrupel

Stats: ABV 11.3

Price: $6 / 330ml

  • Appearance: Reddish dark main with rusted perimeter. Standard khaki head for the style which is thick and low. 
  • Aroma: Rich in spices, fresh baked bread (like all trappists), and of blue berry jam. Smells slightly of alcohol which is contradicted in the flavor. 
  • Flavor: The usual caramel and brown sugar but rich with fresh dates, figs (and for that matter prunes), malt, hints of nutty bleu cheese. Purple fruit flavor overall with butterscotch and raisin finish. Has an almost… powdered cocoa mid-palette or maybe it’s just from the sweetness fading to tart. 
  • Overall: Deceptive for such a dark beer to be as smooth and light bodied as it is. Heavy alcohol flavor but with such a high ABV that is nearly impossible to avoid. The only acidity detected would be that of a stale orange peel. Medium to low carbonation.
  • Placement: This beer is worthy of putting on a beer list. 


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